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Training in difficult times

Hi, my name is Ramon Gysin

I have been working in the fitness and health industry for over a decade, currently operating three facilities in and around Basel (CrossFit Basel / Downtown, Skillbox) with an amazing team of highly motivated and talented coaches. Whilst our gyms are temporarily closed, we continue to offer service to our community.


Times might be uncertain, but as a notorious optimist and avid problem solver I am always looking for what is still possible and making the best out of every situation.

Adapt and overcome.

We are at your service:

/ Book your free call to get back clarity and routine.

/ Check out the Free Home Workouts, share them with your friends and family!

/ Book a drop in to our online group classes and get access to a fantastic community of like minded people. 

/ Want more personal attention? Book an online personal training.

/ I am specialised in planning highly individualised training solutions. Get your individual training plan.

We help to find clarity and get back routine. 

Together we make you stronger both physically and mentally.​

Stay strong and healthy!

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We care about your results

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Your individual training plan

Train to reach your goals, wherever you are

Live online training (Zoom video)

1on1 or choose from 13 different group classes


Nutrition Consulting

Diets don’t work. Changing habits works!

FREE Introduction call

Your gym is closed?

You always wanted to try CrossFit?

You have fitness and health related questions?

You need a plan and guidance to reach your goal?

Call us. We can help you.

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No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a (hu)man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his(/her) body is capable


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CrossFit Basel GmbH
Frankfurtstrasse 36, 4142 Münchenstein

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Danke für's Absenden!

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